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Cotton Care


Merlette uses the finest quality cotton fabrics sourced from around the globe. 

Each fabric is carefully developed especially for Merlette.

Cotton Lawn 

Our Cotton Lawn is most notable to Merlette, as it is our signature fabric. Being our lightest-weighing cotton, it feels like a feather as its shape relaxes carelessly between swift movements. Through the light, your silhouette is complemented by the subtle sheerness this fabric has to offer. Its natural soft hand and comfort ease make it the perfect travel companion for any season.

Cotton Poplin 

Our Cotton Poplin carries a more defined structure and elegance, as it creates rhythmical volume through precise drapery and cut. The smooth finish lends depth and softness to the luster of the silky surface. The dimensional range that this cotton has to offer, makes it suitable for smooth transitions from day to night.

Tumbled Cotton

Our Tumbled Cotton is our specialty fabric, as it reveals a certain effortless grace. Whether you slip it on before brunch or bedtime, it’s always ready for the day with its wrinkle-free wearability and natural luster. The airy feel allows for a loose fit against your body, which is the perfect counterpart to its ingenious pillowed texture. Its internal make-up creates a subtle yet, unique tonal shift in the fabric, allowing it to reflect a constant cultivated glow.


Having a more thoughtful connection with the clothes you wear is at the core of Merlette. 

We return to cotton time and time again because this fabric is at its best when it is hand washed or run through the gentle cycle. 

General Care Instructions

-Embroidered: The care label will say "dry clean only" to protect the embroidery. In these cases, we recommend using a green or organic dry cleaner when needed. 

-Non embroidered: Hand wash or wash in machine on gentle cycle and hang dry, do not tumble dry

-Wash with like colors 

Tips on how to keep white cotton white

-Avoid using fabric softeners as they yellow the fabrics 

-Do not use harsh bleaches as this can also yellow the fabric

-Most stains can be removed with gentle hand wash before washing or stain removers 


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