In Conversation with Natalia Swarz

In Conversation with Natalia Swarz

We’ve long admired the simply elegant style of artist Natalia Swarz and we are delighted that Merlette has become a staple of her maternity wardrobe. The founder of Hotel Weekend and soon-to-be mother spoke with us about her pregnancy style, entrepreneurialism and how living in Madrid influences her.

Wearing the VALLARTA dress

Q: Why do you like wearing Merlette while expecting?

A: I’ve spent most of the past months at home with lots of rest as it’s been a high risk pregnancy. As I’m used to travelling so much, it was very important to me not to feel like I was “stuck” at home but rather enjoy this intimate time with my husband and growing baby.  It’s nice to wear high quality, comfy clothes that look good so I feel good everyday! I won’t lie, some days I’m in pjs or sweats, but most of them I prefer to get up in the morning and get dressed with easy pieces that are both comfortable and chic. What I love most about Merlette is the attention to detail, each piece has a little something that makes it so unique and special.

Wearing the PARADIS dress

Q: What are your favorite pieces from the collection to wear?

A: I’m mostly wearing dresses as the weather in Madrid has been so good throughout my pregnancy and they are the most comfortable for my rapidly growing bump. Now that it’s starting to get chilly, I layer up with the LEIGHTON knit cardigan that has the softest touch. I’m sure this will be my favorite item post-partum for the winter days ahead, snuggling with my baby and super easy to wear for breast-feeding.

Wearing the BLANCHE dress

Q: How are you adjusting your style to maternity wear? 

A: I’ve always dressed quite comfortably. My go-to look is a long dress with some flats, so I haven’t had any major changes in my style. Wearing high quality fabrics has been non negotiable, it’s all about the touch for me—soft, delicate and cozy.  

Q: How does your art inform your style decisions (or vice versa)?

A: I believe one thing they have in common is that less is more - I prefer muted tones in my art and my clothes, but the details are what make each piece special.

Wearing the VALLARTA dress

Q: As a female entrepreneur, do you seek out other female-founded brands like Merlette? And what does that mean to you?

A: I always try to support female-founded brands in any way that I can. Whether that means shopping or just sharing what they do amongst friends or social media. We have to support each other and I find them so inspiring. In Madrid, most of my friends have their own businesses and we’re always supporting each other with advice, good energy and love.

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