How to Care for Your Merlette Garments

Merlette uses the finest quality natural fabrics sourced from
around the globe. We've worked to develop our own proprietary fabrics
that will stand the test of time— our garments are made to be worn and
over again throughout the years.

Our Pima cottons are more
traceable than conventional cotton. By having our fabrics created in a
reputable mills that meet OEKO-TEX® certifications, we are working
towards a more sustainable, low-waste product.

  • Pima Cotton Lawn

    Our 100% Pima Cotton Lawn is carefully developed for Merlette. The fine, high-count yarns give the fabric a super soft handfeel. Our lawn is favored due to its lightweight and semi-sheer. It's softness and easy washability make it our essential fabrication season after season.

  • Pima Cotton Poplin

    Our custom 100% Pima Cotton Poplin is a lightweight, very fine yet durable fabric with a dry and soft handfeel and natural sheen. It is washable and holds structure of a garment beautifully.

  • Cotton-Silk Satin

    The elegant fabric is composed of 70% Cotton and 30% Silk. This evening-ready fabric is sleek with a natural shine and a medium weight that feels seasonless and is washable.

At the core of Merlette is the idea of Thoughtful Garments. Just as we take our time sourcing and designing, we hope you put thought into your purchase that you will have for years to come.

We love using cotton because it is at its best when hand washed or machine washed on the gentle cycle, allowing you to skip dry cleaning as much as possible.

General Care
General Care

For non-embroidered pieces, hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle at a cool temperature and hang to dry naturally. Our fabrics are designed to dry crease-free when hung immediately after washing, we do not recommend tumble drying.

For embroidered and hand-smocked items, we suggest using a green dry cleaning method to protect the embroidery.

We always recommend all pieces be washed with like colors avoid discoloration in the wash and preserve the longevity.

How to Launder

White garments are at the core of Merlette and we have found that the best way to keep white's white are to wash your items regularly using a natural and gentle detergent and hang dry.
Merlette items are pre-laundered and the fabric is designed to maintain a super soft handfeel, therefore fabric softeners are not necessary and most fabric softeners actually can yellow your whites. Likewise, we recommend avoiding and harsh bleaches as they can also yellow the fabric.

Most stains can be removed by spot cleaning as soon as possible with a gentle stain remover prior to machine or hand washing.