Alexis Badiyi’s Tips for Fall Layering

Alexis Badiyi’s Tips for Fall Layering

Layering for fall can feel tricky, but with temperatures gliding up or down by twenty degrees in a day, it’s absolutely necessary.  We turned to stylist Alexis Badiyi for her expert take on how to layer for the days ahead. Read all her tips and tricks on color, texture and proportion to get a jump on your fall outfit-making.

Alexis in the Jean Knit in Ivory

My favorite part of dressing for fall is the layering. I love being able to create an outfit using so many textures and fabrics. There is something so inherently elegant about fall in New York.”

Alexis int he Echo Knit in Navy, Majorelle Black Deco print, Paquin short

Knits can really dictate the feeling of an outfit. It brings in a softer flexible note. I like to pair knits with an element of structure to balance out the silhouette. An example would be a knit dress with a more structured trench coat, or a knit sweater with a pair of strong trousers.”

Alexis in the Hays Trench, Leon Pant, Majorelle in Black Deco Print

I think it is important to have lightweight pieces during cooler weather. As we know NY weather fluctuates so much in a day that I rely on those light weight items to be a part of my layering.”

Alexis in the Dunand top in Poppy

“The trick for me is to always have a balance. If I am wearing a very oversized top, then I want to style it with pants that are more tailored and narrow. If I am wearing very oversized bottoms, then I want to style it with a tighter or more revealing top, show a bit of skin.”

Alexis in teh echo arancia, Majorelle white, sargent pant navy

“If I'm going full oversized- top, bottom, coat ( the works) then I make sure to pop the entire look up with a heel or heeled boot to create length, and have my hair up to reveal my jawline and neck.”

Alexis in teh Alix knit in Byzantine

“I have a few colors I will gravitate to each season, and I tend to keep the rest fairly neutral. I really enjoy making palates and stories with my wardrobe.”

Alexis in the hays trench, deco pouch in cinder

“A great entry point to incorporate color into your wardrobe is through your accessories.  I also enjoy bringing in an unexpected full dress of color, or a sweater for a pop, and then marrying that with neutrals. I never do strong colors everywhere —I like to give the eye a story to follow.”

Photographed by Shana Jade Trajanoski

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