Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary

Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary
Photo Credits: Kelly Bolton

Five years ago, we launched our most iconic style, the SOLIMAN dress. With voluminous tiers, a swirling silhouette and a lightness of motion, women around the world fell in love with the style. We are marking the 5th Anniversary of the style with a limited-edition version of the dress, covered in detailed embroidery which is another signature of the brand.


The past five years have been marked with so much change for myself and Merlette, but the success of the SOLIMAN has been a constant. I love seeing how enduring the SOLIMAN has become, especially since creating styles that can be worn year after year is at the heart of our brand.

– Marina Cortbawi,
Founder & Creative Director


We have also collaborated with Creative Director Angela Fink on exclusive images to celebrate, and we are pleased to share her thoughts on the SOLIMAN, style and dressing with you here.

  1. What does it mean to you to support a female-led business?

    I believe in supporting brands that care about our future and actively prove it through their decisions and initiatives—that operate their business in a way that’s socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible. When a woman is at the helm of that, I’m thrilled to uplift and invest in their work. I want my daughter—and all the daughters in my community and beyond—to see that she can be whatever and whoever she wants, but also that the person she becomes has a commitment to their planet and their people, as well.

  1. What is your best memory when wearing Merlette?

    Like a dear friend, Merlette has been with me for many years and stood at the center of some of my most meaningful life events. From right here at home—for photo shoots with friends, Christmas dinners with my parents—to the most beautiful, far-reaching locations I’ve traveled with my husband. The uniqueness of these pieces has added something truly special to each and every moment.
  1. What makes the Soliman iconic?

    It moves with you—the flow is perfect in the way it catches the early morning breeze, or dances gently as you glide across a room, or folds and falls as you take your seat. This graceful movement is met with a timeless cut and versatile look that fits effortlessly into all kinds of events. And from the moment you step into a room, you’ve caught the attention of those inside.

  1. What is your styling approach to the Soliman?

    The dress speaks for itself, so I let it. With the Soliman, I keep it simple—basic jewelry, a staple handbag, and depending on the season, either a sandal or a boot. The chunky boot adds a rougher edge to the look, and I love the contrast between the flowing dress and the solid shoe, the delicate and the durable.

  1. The Soliman is turning. How has your style evolved in the past 5 years?

    In a sense, I’ve evolved by not evolving quite so often. My aesthetic continues to change but my wardrobe doesn’t nearly as much. Now, I’m more drawn to timeless, versatile classics that I can style across seasons, events, and moods. I seek out unique shapes and textures, but I’m especially pulled in by how the clothing makes me feel—calm, polished, smart; like both the person I am and want to be.


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