Creative Closeup: Cassandra Mayela

 Introducing Creative Closeup, a new ongoing series where we spend time with inspiring women learning about their creative practices and the spaces they inhabit.          

We visited textile artist Cassandra Mayela in her studio space in Brooklyn, which she describes as “a little slice of Latin America in the center of Bushwick.” The Venezualan-born artist focuses on migration in her work, a subject close to her own heart and experience, using textiles as her primary materials. It’s no surprise that she brings an acute awareness of texture, shape and color to her own style. Read on to discover more about this up–and-coming artist. 

Wearing the CHELSEA dress 

Q: How would you characterize your art? 

A: My art is an unorthodox take on traditional sewing and weaving techniques, rooted in my personal need to experiment and play with these methods and materials. I’m fascinated by fabric and its storytelling capacities. Working with collected and found material is really interesting to me. 


Featuring the LUNE MINI BRAIDED bag

Q: Why are you interested in migration? Why should people care about it?

A: There’s no way I couldn’t be interested in migration being an immigrant myself. I think it’s important to be vocal about the subject because it is important to understand that people don’t leave their homes just because, and people migrate for many different reasons like for a better quality of life or to escape political persecution or war.


Wearing the NES dress

Q: How does your creative practice influence your style? 

A: My style is influenced by the movement in my practice and the need to feel comfortable and hugged by my clothes rather than restrained by them. Be it a flowy dress or sweatpants, being comfortable is the most important thing for me and that is very evident in my style. I do love to twist things around with accessories or a little make up, but comfort is always present.


Wearing the ASHA MINI tote

Q: What is it about Merlette that appeals to you?   

A: The materials and craftsmanship used in Merlette’s pieces are what I’m attracted to the most. I love how soft and effortlessly elegant the pieces feel.



Q: How have you styled your Merlette pieces? 

A: I love that the garments can be either styled up or down depending on the accessories you use. Pairing a dress with heels or sneakers; however I’m feeling at that moment.  

Photographs by: Shana Trajanoska 

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