Exploring Style with Sarah Clary

Exploring Style with Sarah Clary

If you aren’t subscribing to “Laundry Day” newsletter, you’re missing out on a glimpse into the creative mind of stylist Sarah Clary arriving into your inbox every week. Witty, articulate and freshly innovative with her style choices, we can’t wait to see what Sarah has thought of next — which is why we asked her to give a signature spin to our new Shirting capsule. 

Sarah Clary Tiana

But how does Sarah define personal style for herself? “I am such a lover of all clothes and all the ideas around how to wear them and live with them, so I feel like I am never just one thing and I never want to be just one thing, so my personal style changes and evolves,” she says. “My style doesn’t define me, rather it is an expression and an outlet to share my mood or feelings or just flat out love.”

Sarah Clary Orient

And that means appreciating the role that clothing can play in her life. “I am drawn to the fantasy clothes can bring, the fun they can evoke and the appreciation of beautiful garments and talented designers. I am fully committed to clothes being the gateway drug to bringing all the versions of myself to life.”

Having styled brands for the past fifteen years, her career advice is timeless. “Be yourself and trust your gut. And from my mom, always be grateful and have good manners.” Finding the magic in the moments of work is also part of the journey for Sarah. As she looks back on defining outfits, one that never made it to social media comes to mind. “The tulle skirt on top of the Matterhorn in the Alps for a photo shoot I was styling. Yes, I was behind the camera, and yes, it was before social media, and yes, it was freezing but I was grateful that my career had brought me to this place, so I leaned into the magic of it all and wore the most insane outfit for nobody else but myself.”

Sarah Clary Sargent

But when she does dress for more practical situations, Merlette has become a go-to brand. “I think [Merlette founder] Marina has taken a very simple idea and beautifully partnered sustainable fabrics with her version of a wearable wardrobe, and as a result it stands out. Merlette offers items that can be effortless on a Tuesday and elevated for a Saturday night.”

Sarah Clary Tiana

As a fashion insider, Clary has her pick of where to shop and what to wear but shirting is a classic that she returns to over and over again. “Shirting can be the centerpiece to an entire look and also the most elegant and trustworthy supporter of a look.” As for how to wear it, there is no right or wrong to it with Sarah wearing it “Under, over, around, cinched or hanging.”

And now for the Lightning Round: 

Q: Podcast or books?

A: Books but podcast on the train.

Q: Print or digital?

A:Nothing beats print. But I fully embrace and love digital.

Q: Playlist or album?

A:Playlist on shuffle.

Q: Cab or subway?

A:I prefer the subway but I often find myself in a cab.

Q: Uptown or downtown? 

A:Downtown but I will visit you uptown.

Q: Beach or mountains?

A: Beach Beach Beach.

Photographed by Thaea Thale

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