How to Wear Sweaters Over Dresses

How to Wear Sweaters Over Dresses

Wearing a dress over a sweater is an ideal way to bring your favorite lighter-weight styles into colder months. Whether you prefer a loose sweater over a more fighted dress or a cropped sweater over a voluminous dress, the key to styling these outfits is finding the right proportion for you. A cardigan is an easy solution to wearing a sweater over a dress, but don’t count out pullovers, as well — with the right dress, they are surprisingly versatile.


A surprising proportion play make this cropped sweater over a dress outfit lengthening to the body, putting the emphasis on the flowing skirt underneath. You can choose a cardigan that is fitted at the bottom with ribbing like the HUBERT or go with a shorter trapeze shape. This look works equally well with solid dresses like the black ROSSETTI or a patterned dress. You can even double up on knits and try this with the VALI knit dress. 


Here is the flip of the last outfit. Try a long loose cardigan over a minidress so that you just see a few inches of the hemline peeking out from under the knit. We love the way this looks with a printed dress and solid tights, or even paired with a legging for a more layered look. Add on a great boot, whether that is a chunky ankle boot or a over-the-knee boot that adds length to the look. 


A crewneck sweater may be the most versatile item you own in your closet. We love it it paired with almost dress shape, but when paired with a classic shirtdress, it is the perfect outfit for work in the winter. You can choose a more slim-fitting round neck sweater or one that is loose. Add on a belt like the CALANQUES to create a fit and flare silhouette. 


This might be the easiest outfit to put together since the waist-highlighting shape of a wrap sweater echoes the shape of many of the dresses in your closet. The open neckline of the sweater also means that you’re able to see details of your dress in the bodice and the skirt, helping to keep the balance between the pieces. 

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