In Ischia with April Valencia

In Ischia with April Valencia

Longtime Merlette collaborator April Valencia, Chef, Creative and Founder of Masa Memory,  has already shared a glimpse into her life in Oaxaca, and now we’ve gotten to see what her “home away from home” Ischia is like, just in time for the holiday season. Sundrenched days filled with family, friends and good are our inspiration for our own festivities — and we hope yours as well. Hear more from April herself. 

Friends in the Jean Knit

“I photographed this in Ischia, my home away from home. Life there is different than when I am back home in LA or in Mexico. In Ischia, it is about spending long days together at the beach, it is about the food and the wine, family dinners and simply being together. “

April in the PARADIS Dress in Light Beige

“Time moves slower, even sunsets seem to hold on a little while longer. I always leave having learned something new about myself and loved ones. The island, my family and friends in Ischia will always be a home I return back to throughout my life.”

Friends in the Jean sweater holding a puppy

“The holidays hold different meanings for each of us. For me, they are less about the days themselves and more about the lead up. Organizing the house for my family to arrive, planning a menu and early mornings prepping tamales and preparing coffee for everyone.”

Shoulders in the jean sweater

“There is a special moment when my friends and family first walk into the house, all at the same time, stopped in the doorway - flooding each other with hugs - this is the heart of the holidays for me.”

Friend in the Jean Sweater

“I like to travel with Merlette for a couple of reasons: the lightness of the fabrics make each piece easy to pack and they can also be worn for any occasion.

April in the Paradis Dress in Light Beige

“Whether I am going to the beach, cooking lunch for friends, going to a wedding or a night out in the city… I can wear one of my favorite Merlette dresses.”

Photographed by: April Valencia

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