Escaping the cold is the ongoing dream of winter, but for New Zealand-based stylist and fashion editor Chloe Hill, it’s already the warm days of summer. We asked Chloe to style some of her favorite pieces from the Resort ‘23 collection with warm weather getaways in mind.

Mailou Dress in green mini floral print

Q: Where were the photos shot?

A: We shot these photos at Lady Norwood Rose Gardens in my hometown of Wellington, New Zealand. This is one of my favorite spots to visit, especially at this time of year when all the roses are in full bloom.

Freja dress in kelly green

Q: How do you approach packing for a getaway?

A: I'm very practical, I love pieces that I feel comfortable and beautiful in. I always gravitate towards natural fabrications and cuts that are easy to wear, like midi dresses I can throw on with sandals for an instantly cute look.

Alma Dress in Pink floral print

Q: When styling a piece that's a bright color, what's your approach?

A: Sometimes I will let one colour stand out, by adding neutral accessories like a black bag and grey sneakers. Other times I will play up the colour in my look by adding other tones, pastels accessories paired with a bright outfit is always fun. Ultimately, I go with my intuition and what feels right to me as I get dressed.

Freja dress in kelly green

Q: How do you add edge to more feminine pieces?

A: I love to go for really natural beauty and flat shoes to counteract pretty ladylike pieces. So I'll wear my hair out and natural and simply throw on a pair of sneakers.

Mailou dress in green mini floral print

Q: What is it that appeals to you about the Merlette pieces you chose?

A: Wearability is so key for me, while I love colour and print and beautiful pieces the most important thing when getting dressed is that I feel great and that the look I'm in will take me through the whole day. I have a 2 year old toddler who is super active - along with running around for work, lugging around suitcases of fashion, heading to meetings, popping out to do errands, and then after work dinners and drinks. So I really need multitasking garments that will still look and feel amazing on after a hectic day!

Alma dress in pink floral print

 Photographed by Chloe Hill

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