Merlette Muses

Merlette Muses

We are pleased to introduce a series of exclusive portraits taken by photographer, podcaster and mental health advocate Hero Bean Stevenson. Over the course of a month across the country, she captured three of her muses in the Merlette pieces they love. Explore these three intriguing and thoughtful women in intimate portraits and mini interviews.


Coco Baudelle: Director, Actress, Model
Shot at the Bowery Hotel in New York, New York

Wearing the EATON dress

Q: If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? 

A: I would really give anything to have dinner at my favorite restaurant in the world, Fung Shing, back home in Montreal’s Chinatown.


Wearing the EATON dress

Q: What does your style say about you? 

A:That I have grand ideas, that I appreciate the little things and that I work hard.


Wearing the MILLER dress

Q: What are three words you’d use to describe yourself?

A: Giggly, loving and dedicated.


Djuna Bel: Stylist, Consultant and Mother
Shot in her home in Hollywood Hills, California

Wearing the SOLIMAN dress

Q: How does wearing Merlette make you feel?

A: Feminine and chic.


Wearing the MITA blouse

Q: What makes you remember who you are? 

A: My family. My child. 


Wearing the SOLIMAN dress

Q: What does your style say about you? 

A: I’m not afraid of my body but I also like to be cozy


Chase Cohl: Singer, Songwriter, and Poet
Shot in Los Angeles, California

Wearing the MAJORELLE blouse

Q: What does your style say about you? 

A: That I have a strong sense of self & individuality. That I take pride in the way I choose to present myself to the world.


Wearing the PHILLIMORE knit

Q: What makes you feel at peace? 

A: Confidence, those days where you feel really at home in your own skin. A great book. An inappropriately long hug. A great record.


Wearing the AGUSTIN dress

Q: What makes you remember who you are? 

A: Anyone telling me what to do.


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