Welcome to Creative Closeup, an ongoing series where we spend time with inspiring women learning about their creative practices and the spaces they inhabit. 

We visited Isolde Brielmaier, Deputy Director, New Museum, NYC at her home for a conversation about art, style and inspiration. Not only has she spent time at the Guggenheim, the Bronx Museum of Art and served as the Chief Curator for the SCAD museum of art, she is active in social justice and human rights issues, specifically pertaining to global women’s issues and criminal justice reform. Isolde is a force in the art world, shaping narratives and dialogues that stretch well beyond the museum walls into the everyday world we all live in. And she’s even taught us some style tricks on how to belt our Merlette dresses! We hope you are as inspired by Isolde as we are.

Q:  How does your creative practice influence your style? 

A: I am inspired by the artists we work with every day. Their art – in all of its color, texture, forms, patterns, etc – and ideas are what encourage us to look at and think about the world and each other in different ways….

Q: How would you characterize your [art]?

A: My work is about leadership and management. It is done collaboratively and in partnership with the goal of keeping vision at the fore and empowering people to be and do their very best in ways that are meaningful and impactful.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: My style is just me and it varies. It reflects how I am feeling, how I see myself and I choose to move through the world on any given day.

Q: What is it about Merlette that appeals to you?

A: Light, easy, classic and fun pieces that allow you to embrace the warm, sunny seasons of spring and summer. There is a levity to both the styles and fabric that just makes you feel good.

Q: How have you styled your Merlette pieces?

A: I use belts, and tie things or button / roll up in fresh and different ways.

Q: What does it mean to you to support female-founded brands?

A: Supporting women is at the core of who I am – just like so many of my friends and colleagues are. It is so important to support, create space and shine a light on all of the wonderful things that women are doing in this moment!!

Q: How would you describe your creative space? 

A: The spaces of the New Museum are simply inspiring because they serve as important platforms for artists to share their art and ideas with diverse audiences. It is such a special place to work.

Photographs by: Bogdana Ferguson

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