Rachael Wang, founder of Rachael Wang Studio, is a stylist known for her work in helping brands work to be more sustainable and intentional in their decisions. With an enviable roster of fashion clients and time spent as an editor at Allure and W Magazine among others, we were thrilled to see her unique take on the pieces from the Merlette x Kurozome partnership as well and hear her take on it.

Q: Why is working with brands that are environmentally aware a passion of yours?

A: The fashion industry is responsible for such a tremendous amount of pollution, waste, and abuse of natural resources. It seems like the right thing to do is to support the brands that are taking steps to reduce their impact.

Q: What are ways that you think consumers can work to reduce environmental harm in their fashion choices?

A: First thing’s first, we need to keep wearing the things we already own.

Q: What is it about the Merlette x Kurozome Rewear | Black Dying Capsule that drew you to it?

A: Re-imagining product is such a great way to address excess.

Q: Why do you think upcycling is important to pursue for brands?

A: One of the most accessible ways a brand can reduce its impact on the environment is to upcycle excess product.

Q: Do you have styling suggestions for these all-black pieces for summer?

A: Black is such a versatile and practical color to wear — it goes with everything. I personally love countering feminine pieces like these with masculine lace-up shoes and hard-working denim.

Photographs taken by Shana Trajanoska and courtesy of Kurozome rewear


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