Creative Closeup: Renata Blanco

Creative Closeup: Renata Blanco

Welcome to Creative Closeup, an ongoing series where we spend time with inspiring women learning about their creative practice, the spaces they inhabit and how their work influences their style choices.

For this installment, we are visiting with Renata Blanco, a glass jewelry and object designer based in Mexico City. Her pieces are influenced by her culture, her love for the sea and her personal sense of style, which is in turn influenced by her work as a model. Find out more about the creative as she takes us inside her dreamy, vibrant studio.

Q: How did you develop an interest in jewelry, and glass specifically? 

A: Glass is a material that's been close to my life. My dad works also with glass so I grew up watching him developing art pieces. At some point, I felt that it was my turn to start creating my own world with my own vision. I love jewelry because it is really personal. The pieces become your amulets that accompany you in daily life. They are also a celebration of something or a person, and I love how simple things remind us of important matters.

Q: How do you approach your design process and where do you find your inspiration from?

A: I find inspiration in the ocean, which is a really important place for me. I see all the pieces that I create as “conchitas” (little seashells), which means each one is unique and special. It can be a souvenir of a place you have visited or it also can be an amulet that reminds you of something important.

Q: How does the artistic history of Mexico City play into your work? 

A: Ancient cultures in México honor mother nature, and they use symbols as union with the gods. For me symbolism is really important. Jewelry is full of symbols and messages, which can be a reminder of someone we love or the power of the air or water, or the Moon!

Q: What draws you to Merlette?

A: I love how simple but beautiful the pieces are. Natural materials are my favorites— silk, cotton and linen.

Q: As a female entrepreneur, what does it mean to you to work with female-founded brands?

A: Feminine energy is super powerful. I love being around women who inspire me. We learn from each other and we support each other.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: I would say feminine. I love to use colors, and I also look for clothes that I can use while I'm working but also can be ready for going by night or going downtown to look for materials!

Q: How did you style your Merlette pieces for this shoot? 

A: I styled them with Studio Conchita jewelry. I love how accessories can complement a look and elevate it. You can have a beautiful, simple dress and just put on a statement necklace and you are ready!

Photographed by Camila Gutierrez.

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