The Staying Power of the Majorelle

The Staying Power of the Majorelle

We design every Merlette piece with the hope that it becomes a wardrobe staple for the women who wear it, which is why we love seeing how Caroline Grosso has styled her MAJORELLE over the past several years. The Global Head of Content Projects for L’Officiel Paris says, “It is the perfect blouse - one you want to wear everyday, and yet it is a special piece that often catches the eye of others.”

Wearing Merlette at the Jersey Shore, 2018

"I’ve worn this blouse all around New York, by the beach, and out west on a riding excursion. It still feels like new after all these years, a testament to the quality of the fabrics used in all Merlette pieces.”

Wearing Merlette at a ranch in Colorado, during a mini-bachelorette weekend with my sister, 2021

We also love seeing how Caroline has worn her SOLIMAN dress over the years.

From left to right: Barbados 2018, NYC 2019, Colorado 2021


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